Submitting Your Manuscript

The Submission Process

So, you've explored our beautiful website and decided you want to give our editors a chance to be part of your literary journey, but what's the next step? I'm so excited to tell you.

The next thing you'll want to do is fill out the contact form below or email us at - tell us a little about your project and what you hope to come away from your editing experience with. If you'd like a free sample edit of 1,000 words, please copy and paste the first 1,000 words of your manuscript into the message field below, or attach it as an MS Word file to your email. 

We'll do our best to have your sample edited and returned to you within 48 hours, along with our recommendations for which editing package suits your manuscript's needs the best. If you already know which editing package you'd like to select, please let us know.

Upon confirmation of the editing package you'd like us to perform, we will send you an invoice for the first half  of the total payment. After completion of the edit and once the manuscript has been returned to you, another invoice will be sent to you requesting the final half of the total payment.

Things to Remember

If after receiving a completed sample edit, you feel that your work would be better understood by another editor, you may request a sample from an alternate editor. This is a service we offer to ensure your manuscript is tended to by an editor with like-minded vision. Keep in mind, however, we have a limited number of editors in our portfolio, so if you find that the feedback from two different editors still isn’t hitting the spot, you or your manuscript might not yet be ready to embark on the adventure that is editing.

Additionally, we do not offer official formatting or citation help. Our editors may offer recommendations, nudge you in the right direction, or connect you with people who specialize in these areas, but unless otherwise stated Ink Drop editors are not qualified to officially format. The good news? If you are at the stage where you simply want to submit your manuscript to literary agents or publishing houses, we can help. Standard manuscript format for query submission is a breeze and we'd be happy to help with that.

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Want to request a sample edit?

We offer a 1,000 word sample edit free of charge. If you'd like to receive a sample edit, just paste the first 1,000 words of your manuscript into the message box on the left of this page along with any questions or concerns you may have!

Ink Drop Editing Services

As a thank you to all our loyal writers committed to creating excellent work, we offer one free copy edit of one query letter per manuscript you submit to us! Don't know what a query letter is? Go ahead and ask us! We're happy to answer any and all questions related to the industry we're passionate about.