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Here at Ink Drop we offer a variety of editing packages designed by authors for authors, priced competitively to best suit your literary and financial needs.

Our editing packages:

  • The red drop
  • The yellow drop
  • The green drop
  • The big spill

Each of these packages offers their own unique level of insight into issues such as grammar, spelling, word choice, sentence structure, story structure, style, and consistency. To learn more about the specific services offered with each package, visit our Services & Pricing page.

What We Do


Provide in-depth and personalized feedback at competitive rates to best benefit both the new and experienced author. We don't believe in wasting your time and money with endless rounds of edits that take months to receive back. We offer a specific variety of editing packages, each recommended on an individual basis to help authors improve their work in an efficent, effective, and affordable manner.

Who We Are


A collection of editors, each with their own unique experiences in the fields of writing and publishing, congregating via the internet to provide editing and proofreading services we all wish we had for ourselves at one time or other during our publishing journeys. We are committed to providing high-quality, extremely thorough edits, which are triple-checked before being returned to you. Each of our editors come highly experienced with practical knowledge of the industry and a true desire to help every manuscript reach its full potential. It’s this simple: We love stories - and we’ll do whatever we can to make yours sparkle!

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Questions about our editing and proofreading process? Specific concerns you have for your manuscript? We understand that every story is unique and we want to work with you to achieve your vision. Drop us a line - we're happy to answer any question you might have!

We are a green agency – please send all materials by email.